Final Summary of Our Community Upgrade Projects

It has been a very active two years of community projects. Two years ago, after a community town hall on this topic, we started a series of projects. There was a series of items that had not been completed based on the reserve study, some urgent large maintenance projects and some other projects that were requested by homeowners. Because of the delay in working the reserve item issues, our reserve account had accumulated about $204,000 in funds.


The chart below will show the projects that were accomplished, and the money spent on each one. All major common areas were updated: Seawalk drive infrastructure and landscaping, the back gate, controller and infrastructure; the entry monument structure and landscaping; and the cabana building, decking, pool and landscaping.  In total, just under $250,000 was spent to accomplish this impressive list of projects.


In June of 2019, when the projects were first presented, it was estimated that we would have about $36,000 left in reserves upon completion. In the end, the amount will be approximately $65,000. Seawalk was very fortunate to have two owners that not only spent 100’s of hours doing project management but had relationships in the construction industry that saved us tens of thousands of dollars. Edmundo Gonzalez and Chip Bifano very much deserve our thanks for the donation of their time, contacts and expertise.


The chart below shows the four phases of the effort and the costs summarized by project type and completion date.  Below the chart is a short list of other maintenance projects done during this same time that were funded from our annual maintenance budget line item. 



Completion Project Expense
June-19 Seawalk Drive - Repair of collapsing draining pipes $  43,548
  Seawalk Drive - Dirt, irrigation sleeves, sodding $  43,314
  Artesian Well - New pump for existing artesian well $    4,775
Dec-19 Back Gate - Controller, gate, swing arm mechanics $  11,492
  Bck Gate - Column repair, stucco and paint $    3,300
May-20 Entry Monument - Structural engineering $    2,300
  Entry Monument - Structural repair $  11,500
  Entry Monument - Stucco, painting, lighting, irrigation $  26,452
  Entry Monument - Waterproofing $    1,820
  Pool Furniture $    7,178
Apr-21 Pool and pool deck upgrades $  37,410
  Cabana shingles and roof repairs $  17,643
  Cabana Upgrades $  27,733
  Cabana Landscaping Upgrades $    7,000
  Reserve Balance Balance
  Beginning Reserve Balance - June 2019 $ 203,946
  Estimate Ending Balance - June 2019 $  36,262
  Actual Ending Balance 0 June 2021 (Forecast) $  65,000
  Other actions completed 2020-2021 using the Operating Budget  
  Streeg sign replacement and post sleeving  
  Remove vegetation on Seawalk Drive to widen shoulders  
  Storm drain cleaning  
  Regrading the draining swale in NW drainage easement  


A Few Items Up Next for Seawalk’s Common Area Improvements

The circle at Ocean Pond Court needs some TLC. We are exploring options to make it more attractive and still be inexpensive and easy to maintain. This is not expected to be a very expensive improvement, but we want to be sure it is a well thought out solution.  


Likewise, we are exploring solutions for the beach access. Fixing the washed-out area and concrete walk should not be very expensive but has the complication of working with the Florida DEP, so it is taking just a little longer than expected. Eventually we will also replace the rusty old fence and gate. We are attempting to coordinate that replacement with the condos and the few homes across the street that also have deeded access. The beach access is a relatively inexpensive update but comes with some unfortunate complications. We hope to have it all completed by sometime this summer.


The next big project expense-wise for the community is the resurfacing of the roads in three or four years. The board has received quotes for that work and is confident our reserves will be sufficient to complete that work in that timeframe.

Reminder About Alligators

Please do not feed, tease or otherwise interact with the alligators in the causeway or those that may show up in our drainage ponds. Our lake management representative has informed us that the Florida Wildlife Commission can be called to remove alligators when they are three feet or larger. The alligator is automatically euthanized offsite because they cannot be successfully relocated. Please do not disturb the alligators. They will naturally relocate themselves as they grow bigger to larger waters. Please pay attention to the signs by the retention ponds. A resident recently witnessed an alligator coming after a child’s lure in the northern retention pond at the end of the causeway.  Alligators, even small ones, can be aggressive. They may confuse the lures as frogs or other food sources. Finally, be aware that alligator mating season extends from May until June.

Community Care Reminders: Flags, Survey Stakes, Pond Care

Both the board and May Management are getting complaints about old survey stakes left out in yards for months, yards filled with toys, and cars parked overnight in the street. Please respect your neighbors and let’s keep the neighborhood looking great! As a reminder, decorative flags fall under the ACC approval process, so please contact May Management or visit the Seawalk website and follow the process for ACC approval, if you want to hang a flag.


There has been an uptick of trash in the pond. Maybe the high winds are to blame, but please be conscientious to keep bottles and other trash out of the pond. We are working with the pond maintenance vendor to get our pond back to a healthy state. Part of the issue may be excessive fertilizer runoff and even dog poo disposal. Please be sure you or your lawn care company keep runoff in mind when you are treating your lawn. Putting your dog’s poo in your garbage will also help keep our pond healthy!