Update: Cabana/Pool Remodel Project

The remodel project has been moving forward at a nice steady pace. Chip Bifano is driving the remodel effort, and we thank him for all the time and effort he is donating to the community on this project. His target is to be completed by the end of March, but progress will continue to be weather and product supply chain dependent. There will be occasional closures for a week or two at a time as the various activities occur.

  • The bathroom ventilation systems are installed which will help prevent the on-going mold issue.
  • New lighting has been installed.
  •  The large and over-grown landscaping has been removed to prepare for new landscaping.
  • The overhanging trees have been trimmed back which helps maintain the cleanliness of the pool and deck.
  • The copula ceiling has been lowered to match the rest of the internal ceiling.
  • The entire building has a fresh coat of stucco and the dated structural and decorative features have been removed.
  • The pool tile has been replaced and the pool has a new application of Marcite.
  • The painting is scheduled for this week which will include painting the Seawalk side of the East wall next to Summerhouse.

The final steps will include:

  • A new application of Cool Deck.
  • Installation of a shade sail in the approximate location of the old pergola
  • Fresh landscaping.

Other miscellaneous updates, such as gate hinges and plumbing fixtures, will be done as part of regular maintenance, as parts become available.


Update: Beach Access

The erosion at the beach access will be filled with a limestone aggregate and the slab will be leveled to fix the existing upheaval crack. This is an inexpensive and semipermanent solution that is approved by the FDEP. May Management is getting quotes on replacing the gate and fence, as it has been deemed irreparable.


President’s Note


As many of you know, I am personally an advocate for the kids playing, biking and skateboarding throughout the neighborhood, so I have always advocated for the safe sharing of the roads. However, recently things have changed with the significant use of electric transportation. This has created some close calls and some complaints. With motorized toys, bikes and transportation that can reach and exceed the speed limit, these toys are obligated to follow the rules of the road just like cars do. Especially as they can get in front of another vehicle far faster than we are used to. Please teach your kids all of the rules of the road, to wear helmets, and to be safe. For the rest of us drivers, please be aware the kids are out there on all manner of locomotion.

Jesse Webb


What’s Happening to our Beautifully Revived Front Monument?

As communicated last fall, the interior of the monument was not waterproofed before the stucco was applied. As a result, some of the stucco was separating away from the wall. The decision not to waterproof was made jointly by the vendor and Seawalk because the old wall was never water-proofed, and the previous stucco stayed on for about 30 years until degrading in just the last few years. It was seen as an unnecessary $7,000 project at the time.


Unfortunately, the work that was done to fix the cracked and falling walls also revived the porousness of the blocks and the new stucco began to separate. The vendor agreed to replace the stucco at no cost to us, but we needed to do the work and bear the cost of waterproofing.

When the work began recently to trench the inside of the walls for application of the waterproofing material, the workers did not get the message to save the landscaping. We are addressing this with the vendor and expect some mutually beneficial financial
solution for the replacement of our landscaping.


Financial Update

Seawalk finished the year (2020) with a surplus of about $13,000 in our operating budget, and the current reserve balance (not including that $13,000) is over $78,000. This puts Seawalk in good financial shape going into the completion of the Cabana and
Monument repairs and updates.

Our Cabana project is tracking close to the approved budget from August 2020. We have one last item to bid out (Cool Decking) and the landscaping to complete. We should be able to present a final line item statement to the community in the next newsletter after the next board meeting.


The board is looking into securing a preferred vendor for providing mailboxes and mailbox posts. A standard look white mailbox and post is a feature of the community, but it is sometimes difficult for homeowners to find exactly what the community requires. It is felt that with a preferred vendor, we will secure the clean and standard mailbox look that has been part of Seawalk’s long history.

Security Cameras

A long-needed update to our surveillance cameras and the associated recording system were put into the 2021 budget. This will include internet connection to allow for remote access to recordings which will save the community about $200 for each event or request. The application will cover both the back gate and the general area around the cabana where these cameras are used to protect these community assets.

Update: Message Board

The old and cracked plexiglass on the message board has been replaced. As soon as a bundle of shingle that closely matches the cabana can be found, we will replace the shingled roof covering as well.