Volunteer: Causeway Cleanup!

Winter is the perfect time to do some clean-up of the causeway, when the vegetation has died back. We will be having a “Clean-up Day” on the causeway on Saturday, February 6, from 9 - 11 a.m. We will be gathering bits of trash, dog poo bags (uh-oh) and some easy-to-move natural debris. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Amy Leburn (aleburn@icloud.com).

Update: Cabana/Pool Remodel Project

The remodel project is moving forward after the holidays and looks like it will continue at a somewhat steady pace. Chip Bifano is driving the remodel effort, and we thank him for all the time and effort he is donating to the community on this project. His target is to be completed by the end of March. There will be occasional closures for a week or two at a time as the various activities occur.
The ventilation systems are installed and the rough-in of the changes to the external lines are complete. New light fixtures will also be installed during this time.

  • The large and over-grown landscaping has been removed to prepare for new landscaping.
  • Next the pool will be drained to apply a new Marcite coating, and The entire building will get a fresh coat of stucco. We will try to schedule these two items at approximately the same time as they will require the facility to be closed for a couple of weeks.

The final steps will include:

  • Any necessary painting.
  • A new application of Cool Deck.
  • Final landscaping.

Other miscellaneous updates, such as gate hinges and plumbing fixtures, will be done as part of regular maintenance, as parts become available.

Update: Holiday Lights Contest

It was good to see the community embrace the holiday lights contest! It was easy to see that more than half the community lit up their homes and lawns in a variety of ways. A few homeowners went the extra mile in pursuit of the prize for the best decorations.

After counting the votes, the winners were the Foxes! Congratulations to the Foxes, and our second-place winner, the Hazouri’s.

Update: Beach Access

Fixing the beach access has been an on-going item on the board’s agenda since the middle of last year. The concrete walk near to the sand has fallen a bit and a lot of sand has washed out on the sandy part of the pathway. In addition, the gate is in great  disrepair.

Seawalk shared the beach access with a few homes across the street, and it also is used by the condo residents from time-to-time. The board spent some time working on getting those parties to participate in the cost, but ran into too many difficulties. After
looking at all options, the board has decided to move forward on our own.

We are still in the process of getting quotes on various solutions and believe there is a good, financially viable, solution. It will likely involve lifting the existing slab up and supporting it with concrete. Once that is done, the DEP appears fine with us filling in
with limestone aggregate to build a more natural but solid pathway.

The gate will be inspected again to see if it can be repaired, but if not, we can replace it with funds from our maintenance budget.

Community Kudos on Home Remodels

The number of homes doing upgrades continues to grow! Even more of you are doing upgrades to your homes both inside and out since the last newsletter in September. This work is helping all of us with our home values and is making Seawalk one of the sought after addresses in Ponte Vedra Beach. Another home has been put on the market recently and had a pending offer in just a couple of days. Our homes are a hot commodity in the market!