October 21, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence of: Dan Cavey, Edmundo Gonzalez, Chip Bifano, John Dunsford, Gloria Dongara and Dennis Faulkner. Absent: Howard Hochrad. Representing MAY Management Services: Steven Sheremeta
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from September 16, 2019
    Edmundo Gonzalez made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from September 16, 2019 as written.
    Chip Bifano seconded and motion carried by all.
  3. Manager’s Report: Updates
    Steven Sheremeta reported:
    • Update: Pool Furniture — Furniture was delivered in the right color.
    • Update: Connors Landscaping — Updated Estimate — Connors submitted an updated estimate of $1,175 per month, and Steven noted it doesn’t change the maintenance, but does increase the services. Connors obtained a proposal from his subcontractor (Royal Green), which adds an additional $275 per month to spray the landscape. Steven will have Royal Green breakdown their proposal for eight sprays, and will present an RFP at the next meeting.
    • Update: New Gate — Delivery of gate will be within the next 10-12 days. Discussion was held regarding the gate clickers. The old clickers will no longer be provided.
    • Other Items on Steven’s Checklist:
    • Working with KBT to paint the pool deck where it was patched, but KBT has been holding off with concerns that once he does the patches, it will be darker than the surrounding color. Steven advised him to go ahead and do the job.
    • At the end of the year, Brandy Rowe will be stepping in as Property Manager for SWK and Steven will move on to another portfolio.
  4. Financial Report
    • Monthly Financial Update — Chip Bifano provided the Financial Report for discussion. Steven will have the water meters closed at the front and pool.
    • Plans for 2020 Budget — Chip will meet with Steven to go over the budget for 2020.
    • Chip has inquired about the vendor payment process, which he explained.
  5. President’s Report
    Dan Cavey reported:
    • Would like to send newsletters out after tonight’s meeting and before the Annual meeting.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Common Area Master Plan — Edmundo Gonzalez
      • Causeway Work Update; Entry Monument Update — Other than a couple of tweaks on the irrigation side, the sod project is complete. Edmundo provided the background.

        Creating a new entry monument sign is too expensive. We can’t afford the look and still have enough money to do other projects. Still finalizing pricing, but he did get pricing to do stucco. Edmundo noted he heard a rumor that the whole entire entry monument will be knocked down and replaced, which is not the case. The plan is to take the crumbling monument sign, fix it, reuse the sub_____ and re-skin it. The entry monument has a lot of problems. There are currently areas where there are steel plates put in place and when the stucco is pulled off, we are going to find a lot of areas where we are going to have to fill in and make sure that is structurally good. He explained what happeedn when the last stuccoing was done. We need to focus on stucco, which is reasonably priced. Edmundo also noted the infrastructure for some of the buildings and structures are deteriorating, and they are not repairable. Edmundo will obtain an additional stucco pricing.
      • Town Hall — What we Learned — See Discussion Items — Discussion followed regarding the pool; basic needs for the pool cabana and pool.
      • Edmundo addressed some of the rumors that are being spread about him that are not true:
        • Getting sod for free
        • Stealing money from the HOA to build his own pool. The rumors are offensive to him and his wife; it’s hurtful and is a shameful exercise ____.
    2. ACC — John Dunsford
      Updates as needed:
      • 197 completed their room
      • 162’s paint color Drift Wood was approved for their roof shingles, along with paint color white for their soffits.
      • Copper Color Gutters on 166 Update — Owner installed copper colored gutters without ACC approval.
    3. Communications — Gloria Dongara
      • Next Newsletter — Gloria will work with Dan on the newsletter.
      • What about Twitter or Instagram? — Something to think about.
    4. Rules and Regulations — Dan Cavey
      • Amendments-Second Draft — Engaged with Matt Finnis again — There’s one issue to resolve. Matt Finnis will be an incredible advocate for the association in hoping to get the amendments passed. ____ provided for discussion a clarification for the amendments.
      • Town Hall — Understanding the process if there are nominations from the floor — Dan explained if there are no nominations from the floor at the annual meeting, there’s no vote and the nominees stand as installed. If there are nominations from the floor, a vote will take place at the meeting with those present at the meeting. It was inquired if only those in attendance can vote, because the Bylaws state differently. Steven noted that per the statutes, directors cannot be elected by proxy.
      • Rules and Fines – 2020 Item — N/A
    5. Nominating Committee
      • 2020 Nominating Committee — It will be announced the Nominating Committee from last year will continue on.
  7. Public Forum
    The Board entertained comments and questions from owners in the audience.
  8. Discussion Items:
    • Town Hall — Tying together the monument, gate wall & cabana; reality of an assessment or loan.
    • General schedule of work? Gate (Oct), Monument (Dec-Jan), Gate Wall (Dec-Jan), Causeway/Island/Gate Landscaping (Feb-Mar), Cabana and Cabana Landscaping (Apr-Jun). Can we possibly get to the Cabana before pool season? As we plan things to come up in the schedule, we will want to try to tackle the cabana in a non-swim season. As a Board, we may want to tackle the cabana in January/February/March/April, as opposed waiting until next year at this time. We may want to act in December on approving getting things done with the cabana.
  9. Action Items:
    • Approve Entry Monument work and expenditure, if available by meeting time – Deferred to next meeting.
    • Violation Report — The last violation report included open violations prior to 2019. Chip Bifano made a motion to close all CCR records prior to 1/1/2019. Edmundo Gonzalez seconded and motion carried by all.
  10. Adjournment
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:57 p.m.