May 20, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.




1.   Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence of: Dan Cavey, Edmundo Gonzalez, Chip Bifano, Dennis Faulkner, Howard Hochrad, and John Dunsford. Absent: Gloria Dongara. Representing MAY Management Services: Tonia Price. No homeowners were in attendance.

Dan Cavey introduced Tonia Price of May Management.


2.   Approval of Meeting Minutes from May 2019
Approval of the May 1, 2019 meeting minutes tabled until the next meeting.

3.   Manager’s Report
Dan Cavey provided Steven Sheremeta’s report:

  • Update: Weed spraying in the NW drainage easement – Weeds in the NW drainage easement were sprayed at no cost.
  • Update: Contents of the safe deposit box – Waiting for Robin to set up an appointment.
  • Update: Building inspection for cabana – The adjuster sent a full release for signature.
  • Update: Gate repair bill – Did the homeowner pay or acknowledge receipt? Pending corrected invoice from vendor to send to the homeowner.
  • Update: Painting chipped off on gate swing arm – There’s a bare spot on the gate.
  • Update: Cleaning the drainage trench at the pool for weeds and other debris – Steven will have Connors clean out the drainage trench.
  • Update: Repair chipped pool side edges (primarily visible from inside the pool) – chipped marcite will be replaced.
  • Update: Cost of camera at the pool – Steven is pending a quote.
  • Other items on Steven’s Checklist:
  • The traffic sign improvement project to start after Memorial Day.
  • Pressure washing – Needs to be completed.

4.   Financial Report

  • Regular Monthly Report - Chip Bifano provided the Financial Report ending April 30, 2019. The reserves discussed.
  • Budget Planning – The budget process to establish a 5 month budget will start soon. Starting January 1, 2020, the Board will start a new budget annualized.

5.   President’s Report

  • We have gotten very positive responses to the newsletter from every corner of the neighborhood.
  • We will need May Management and the ACC to be fully aware of our situation with respect to the Covenants, Rules and ACC Guidelines.
  • Note that the gate frequently malfunctions during times of heavy rain, then starts working again, not sure if this is worth deeper analysis or not. Any ideas contact Dan Cavey.
  • The cabana and pool are looking very old, worn and sad, so I think we are on the right timeline.

6.   Committee Reports

  • Common Area Plan – Edmundo Gonzalez reported all paperwork was sent to May Management and the Certificate of Insurance received today.  The next step is for the contractor to do the _____. The only thing left to do is they are calling tomorrow to make sure they get everything and make sure there are no underground utility items they are going to hit. They can start Thursday, worse case on Monday.
    Edmundo spoke with the landscape and hardscape vendors and they promised they will submit final plans by Wednesday. At that point I would like to price the plan to have a baseline before going to the community with it. Discussion ensued.
  • ACC – John Dunsford reported:
    • 190 Coastal Oak Circle – Pavers – Did they get approval? Owner did not submit an application for pavers.
    • Pending ACC Items: N/A
    • Decisioned ACC Item(s):
      • Received and approved one application to _____ by the soffit.
  • Communications – No Report
  • Rules and Regulations – Expect to get started with Matt in the next two weeks.
  • Nominating – No report.

7.   Public Forum

  • Fran     reported:
    • Suggested the weeds on the causeway be cut back instead of sprayed.
    • The shrubs behind Paul Tarleton’s house were sprayed, taken out and are now sitting on the curb. There’s no reason to spray the plants.
    • He’s concerned about the sleeved sign poles.
    • There are very few families that have to park on the street overnight, so there are no issues. Sometimes emergency vehicles can’t get through the gate.
    • Spoke about the gate failures.
    • Heard a rumor the pool deck will be painted. It’s just a rumor.

8.   Discussion Items

  • Discussion on speed limit control – Some ideas discussed to control the speeding; speed bumps, speed table, speed bump at gate. Costs will be obtained to install speed bumps, to install radar sign, and to rent a speed awareness monitor.
  • Discussion on courtesy letters before the 1st warning on certain “new” items at their discretion. Possibly for signs in the yard, home businesses and minor change items not going to the ACC – Dan suggested instructing May Management to send courtesy letters before sending 1st notice of violations. A blurb will be included in the next newsletter, reminding homeowners to take a look around their properties to see if anything needs to be repaired, removed, pressure washed, etc. Discussion ensued regarding the tracking of violations.
  • Discussion on placing cameras at the pool – The Board considered adding cameras at the pool area. Costs will be obtained to install cameras at the pool area.
  • Discussion on how to address next steps for the Cabana complex – Addressed above.
  • $50 Gift Cards – Chip Bifano made a motion to approve purchase of four $50 Longhorn gift cards for individuals who worked on the causeway. Edmundo Gonzalez 2nd and motion carried by all.

9.   Action Items – None

  1.    Proposed Business for Future Meetings/Parking Lot Issues
    • (ON HOLD) Cabana parking control (See if this is a seasonal issue)
    • (ON HOLD) Clicker Audit (Gate Controller Dependent)

11.   Adjournment
  With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:30 p.m.