May 1, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence of: Dan Cavey, Edmundo Gonzalez, Chip Bifano, Dennis Faulkner, Howard Hochrad, John Dunsford and Gloria Dongara.
    Representing MAY Management Services: Steven Sheremeta. Four homeowners were in attendance.


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from April 2019
    The Board did not have the draft minutes to review. April 8th 2019 minutes will be tabled until the May 20th 2019 Board meeting.


  1. Manager’s Report
    Steven Sheremeta provided updates on the following:
    1. Update: JEA credits – Still pending a response from JEA after several requests.  Recommends having McCabe & Ronsmon, the association attorney, send a letter to JEA asking for an acknowledgment of the HOA following JEA guidelines to request credits. Need to verify the water bill in question.
    2. Update: Insurance claim on cabana roof – Expecting a check for the roof damage minus our deductible. Will receive an invoice for 5% from the appraiser. The roof can be put off until after hurricane season, but no longer than that to comply with the insurance.
    3. Update: Mulching – Completed except for the island across from the pool, will check later this week to see if it is completed. Have not mulched the boulevard monuments until the landscape is complete.
    4. Update: Weed spraying in the NW drainage easement – Connors is getting us options on this.
    5. Update: Pressure washing curbs – KBT is ready to start again.
    6. Update: Contents of the Safe deposit Box – Meeting with Robin tomorrow to get the items.
    7. Summer house dead trees – Dan Cavey reported 2 dead trees that could be a threat if they fall. Tops have broken off after the last storm; trees are full of vines so this helped to hold the full trees from falling. May be a nonissue now.
    8. There are paint cans under the cabana sink. Will have everything inventoried and dispose of anything no longer usable.


  1. Financial Report
    Chip Bifano had no current report. Will report on April 2019 Financials at the May 20th Board meeting.


  1. President’s Report
    Dan Cavey had no current report.


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Common Area Plan – Edmundo Gonzalez reported:
      • Update: Progress and Next Steps – Located all 9 pipes. Engineer and excavator went out to create some space to dewater the pipes to see their condition. Waiting on the engineers report expected next week. Pipes are in terrible condition so they do not suggest jetting the sludge out, but the grouting process will push anything loose out. They will be coming 8 to 10 ft. from the curb to dewater the pipes instead of creating small holes in the pipes. This will save us money on the grout and provide a cleaner and easier access to get the job completed. The will put new clean fill dirt and compact it so there will not be large holes at the ends of the pipes. Received a proposal from one vendor and are waiting on another to be received later this week. $37,500 is the amount from the first proposal from Rick Hightower, the same vendor who worked with the engineer to excavate the pipes and come up with a plan. After the project is done, everything will be under the original budget set for the project. Looking to be started at the end of May. Will get ideas for the landscaping to present to the Board and community.
      • Update: Communications – Looking to have a community meeting to go over the project and the landscape options.
    2. ACC – No Report
    3. Communications – No Report
    4. Rules and Regulations – No Report


  1. Public Forum – N/A


  1. Discussion Items
    • Discussion on how many “No Parking” signs to keep at the cabana parking lot and how many “Children at Play” signs to keep around Coastal Oak Circle. – Currently 6 “Children at Play” signs and 4 “No Parking” signs. Discussion ensued about the amount needed and their purpose. It was suggested to keep all “Children at Play” signs and remove the “No Parking” signs since the parking issue is covered by other community signs. Steven presented the bid from Broadus for all signs to be sleeved and for new signs made and getting the backing installed.
      Dan Cavey made a motion to approve the Broadus estimate for the street signs minus the “No Parking”. Howard Hochard seconded and motion carried by all.
    • Discussion on it we want to vote on fining, at the next meeting for any or all of the following violations. To be legally “safe” we will need to notify the membership 14 days before the vote, which we can do by e-mail:
  1. Parking in the street between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. - $50 per incident – using Bylaws: Article VI Section 1(a)
  2. Yard trash, trash cans and recycle bins put in the street - $50 per incident – using Bylaws: Article VI section 1(a)
  3. Yard trash, trash cans and recycle bins put out earlier than the day before pickup. – $50 per incident – using Covenants: Article II Section 9
  4. Landscaping and/or home condition violations not correct (i.e. not complying to the violation letters MM sends) - $100 per incident – using Convents: Article II Section 22
  5. ACC compliance violations (i.e. making changes not approved, other than as approved, etc.) – $100 per incident – using Covenants: Article II Section 14
    • Discussion ensued regarding the above rules and the conditions for the violations and fines.
    • Mail the letter about the impact of the legal opinions to the membership ASAP or include it as part of a Seawalk newsletter. – Dan Cavey will work with Matt Finniss to finalize letter and send it out.


  1. Action Items
    • Approval for expenditure on Cabana Furniture – Discussion ensued regarding the current furniture and the items offered from a bid from Florida Patio Furniture for $7,178.26. Chip Bifano made a motion to purchase the pool furniture not to exceed $8,000. Gloria Dongara seconded and the motion was discussed. Motion carried after a vote, Dan Cavey, Edmundo Gonzalez, Dennis Faulkner, Chip Bifano, John Dunsford and Gloria Dongara voted Yes and Howard Hocard voted No. Color to be determined.
    • Approval for expenditure for a building inspection of the cabana – Dan Cavey made a motion not to exceed $600 to hire an engineer to inspect the cabana. Howard Hochard seconded and motion carried by all.
    • Concurrence to send a bill to Grant Bevill requesting reimbursement for the cost of the gate repair. We can make this letter as friendly as possible with the expectation that he will do so voluntarily. – Cost will be just under $500. Board made the concurrence to send the letter.
    • Concurrence for Matt Finniss and Dan Cavey to begin the process of drafting amendments for a later vote by the members with concurrence to include the amendment on rental time limitations in with the broader effort instead of acting on it now. – Board agreed to the concurrence.
    • Concurrence to have a community yard sale with Approval to spend an amount not to exceed $200 for signs and advertisement. This will be run by the communication committee and that committee will set the date. – Board favored this idea and agreed to the concurrence.
    • Approval for the expenditure for the sign improvement project – Discussed in the above discussion items.


  1. Adjournment
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:25 p.m.