June 15 2020 at 6:30 p.m. - Via Conference Call


  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence via teleconference of: Dan Cavey: President, Lisa Bevill, Edmundo Gonzalez, Gloria Dongara, Chip Bifano and Karen Goff-Hill. Absent: Howard Hochrad.

    Representing MAY Management Services: Brandy Rowe

  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from May 18, 2020
    Gloria Dongara made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from 5/18/20 as written. Chip Bifano seconded and motion carried by all.

  3. Manager’s Report: Updates
    Brandy Rowe reported:
    • Pool ladder was repaired on May 18
    • Back gate issues – Southeastern installed the new antenna
    • Beach Access – Multiple fence companies have been contacted regarding the beach access gate, and the consensus is that the beach access gate will need to be replaced as it is damaged beyond repair. There is currently an easement agreement for the gate usage with other communities and therefore Seawalk should not bear the full responsibility for it.
    • Spoke with KBT regarding the bathroom paper towels. They are out every Monday and have reported the entire roll of paper is missing. He suspects someone is taking it and suggested getting a dispenser that does not allow for the paper to be easily removed.
    • Received reports of lights out at the cabana and ant issues. Looking into having KBT or another maintenance person come out to check on the property once a week or once every two weeks to check on various maintenance items including the ants.
    • Additional maintenance items and issues were reported, and discussion ensued regarding which vendors take care of these items and possible solutions for maintenance.
  4. Financial Report
    Monthly Financial Update – Chip Bifano provided the Financial Report ending May 31, 2020, which included review of the reserve fund. He questioned the recent landscape charge to the landscape budget line under operating and requested that it be recoded to the reserve account as it was a one-time expense and not a maintenance item.

  5. President’s Report
    Dan Cavey – Lawyer meeting, new signage, SE easement clearing by the county, gate antenna upgrade, electronic voting. – Dan Cavey and two other board members met with legal counsel at McCabe/Ronsman. Discussion regarding liability around the common areas and their use, and new signage suggestions. The county cleared out the drainage ditch of the SE easement from the weir to where it bumps into the Guana River. The antenna at the gate was upgraded to one that has a stronger signal reader. Karen Goff-Hill and Dan Cavey have been sharing ideas regarding electronic voting.

  6. Committee Reports
    1. Common Area Master Plan – Edmundo Gonzalez.
      • Back gate wall – Chip has been working with a sign vendor and several color scheme options were given for review.
      • Cabana/Pool Area – Continued information gathering; Next steps (dates are subject to change):
        • Between now and approximately June 26 – email discussions among the board on the best two or three options based on the budget and timing. Edmundo is putting together a spreadsheet with the base specs and any additional upgrades. A rough budget will be provided to the Board to start a preliminary discussion, prior sending it out to the community for feedback. Further explanation of the base scope of work for the project and the different possible upgrades.
        • Approximately June 26 through July 10 – community discussion and feedback. Information, cost and details will be shared by email to the community for feedback. Possibly some small informal (social distancing) group discussions at the cabana.
        • Approximately July 15 – Special Meeting of the Board to consider the feedback and make decision, choices and approvals, as may occur based on the feedback.
        • Discussion regarding the recent repairs to the pool areas and the bulkhead wash out.
    2. Communications – Dan Cavey
      • Send a newsletter if approve the action times in today’s meeting.
    3. Rules and Regulations – Dan Cavey
      • See discussion item on by-laws amendments
  7. Public Forum – The Board entertained and answered questions and comments from the owners in attendance. Items discussed were Seawalk as a premier neighborhood, progress of action items, website updates and asking owners to volunteer to help with special projects. Additional items mentioned were pest control and improvements for the back wall.
  8. Discussion Items – Increase coverage levels for HOA and Board liability insurance. We currently have $1M liability (covers HOA stuff) with a $5M umbrella (covers injury and damage to others and their possessions). This seems sufficient, but we can upgrade to the next level for ~$155/year. This was an area suggested for review during the meeting with McCabe/Ronsman. Board discussed the current coverage and the benefits or drawbacks to changing. After discussion, the Board decided to make no changes to the coverage the Association already has.
  9. Action Items
    1. Approve the expenditure of $488 to purchase various replacement signage as outlined in the Seawalk Sign Proposal from TRi-C Promotions. This includes what is in the proposal plus another $60 for a third “Wildlife” sign. Two of the “Wildlife” signs will be placed near the east side banks of the two drainage ponds on the east side of the property on either side of Seawalk Drive. The third will be placed at the bottom of the hill at the east end of Seawalk Drive and visible to people entering from Ponte Vedra Blvd. – Three options for the sign color themes were distributed for review. A sample will be ordered with the blue to compare how well it matches the street signs before final color choice.

      Gloria Dongara made a motion to approve the expenditure of $488 to purchase various replacements signage as outlined in the Seawalk Sign proposal from TRi-C Promotions, pending background color of blue or white after review of the sample. This includes what is in the proposal plus another $60 for a third “Wildlife” sign at the locations as stated above. Edmundo Gonzalez seconded, and motion carried by all.

    2. Approve moving forward with a vote on the three By-Law Amendments as outlined in the provided document. This will require a dial-in meeting of the members sometime after July 4th but before the end of the month at a time to be determined. The members will be mailed proxies and ballots, with accommodation for dropping off ballots at the time of the meeting. The meeting agenda will consist solely of counting the votes and announcing the results. Three amendments to the By-Laws are as follows;
      • Remove nominations from the floor and require additional nominations to be submitted within the 14 days following the date of the first Annual Meeting notice. This will need to pass to move forward with electronic voting, as per Florida Statues; we will need to know everyone that desires to run prior to the 2nd Annual Meeting notice where ballots and proxies are provided.
      • Adjust borrowing limits for inflation. The current amount is $10,000 which was put into place in 1983 and does not keep pace with 40 years of inflation. Proposed to change to $25,000 and will be automatically adjusted each year for inflation. The Board has no intention to borrow at this time.
      • Make the ACC an appointment committee. The ACC is currently an elected committee and it has often been difficult to find volunteers due to the election. They would be appointed by the Board for the same 2-year term. The Board will have discussions via email and bring further actions to the following meeting.
    3. Approve moving forward with electronic voting as an alternate voting process for any and all Seawalk votes. (Note: this approval is necessarily contingent on an amendment to the by- laws allowing nominations from the floor. If that amendment doesn’t pass the vote it cannot proceed). The Board discussed this option and reviewed the research from Dan Cavey and Karen Goff-Hill. The hope is that this would be easier and encourage more of a voter turnout and community involvement. Proposals from electronic voting providers will be obtained and a procedure to begin will need to be developed.

      Dan Cavey made a motion to approve moving forward with electronic voting as an alternative voting process for any and all Seawalk votes. Karen Goff-Hill seconded, and motion carried by all.
  10. Adjournment
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Next BOD Meeting will be held July 20, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.