July 22, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence of: Dan Cavey, Edmundo Gonzalez, Chip Bifano, Dennis Faulkner, Howard Hochrad and Gloria Dongara. Absent: John Dunsford. Representing MAY Management Services: Steven Sheremeta.
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from June 2019
    Edmundo Gonzalez made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from June 4, 2019 as written. Chip Bifano seconded and motion carried by all.
  3. Manager’s Report
    Steven Sheremeta reported:
    • Update: Signage Improvement Work-Street Signs Issue – Signs have been completed, except for the issue with the brackets, and presented information on a hanging bracket the vendors found. He asked the vendor for proofs of street signs before he installed the signs, but he went ahead and installed them. Most Board members don’t like the new brackets. Discussion ensued.  Steven will obtain a quote for a blue and white flat rectangle sign mounted that has the name of the street on it.
    • Update: Swing Arm Mechanism Covers for Both Gate Arms – Pending delivery this week.
    • Update: Pipe (Drainage) Cleaning Quote (Expand to all Storm Drains) – Presented and reviewed a quote from Metro Rooter to do the drainage work for $4,500. Chip Bifano made a motion to approve Metro Rooter’s quote of $4,500, to come out of operating. Edmundo Gonzalez seconded and motion carried by all. Work to be done every 2 or 3 years.
    • Update: Connors Landscaping-(See Action Item) – Received two bids and Steven is pending two additional bids from Rockaway and By the Sea. Steven recommended if the Board is going to change, we set the date closer to fall, which will allow the new company to come in and spend more time correcting issues the board is concerned about. The first bid received was from R&D for $12,860, which Steven didn’t recommend and explained why. The second bid received was from Lawn Salon for $1,000 monthly, which Steven recommended. The board agreed to wait until Steven receives the other bids before making a decision.
    • Other Items on Steven’s Checklist:
    • Pending a bid from Triple G for palm tree trimming. If he doesn’t receive a bid by the second week of August, he will have Lawn Salon do the job at $22 per tree.
  4. Financial Report
    • 2019 August-December Budget-Vote to Approve – Chip Bifano presented and reviewed for discussion the proposed supplemental budget for August 1 – December 31, 2019. Steven reported the best way for the Accounting Department to bill the owners is to follow the current billing process. Gloria Dongara made a motion to approve the supplemental budget. Howard Hochrad seconded and motion carried by all.
    • Usual Update – Chip provided the latest Financial Report.
  5. President’s Report
    • Fireworks, Browning Lawns, Feedback on Town Hall, Ponds, Fishing, etc.
      • Browning Lawns – Steven to send letters.
      • Fireworks – Received the usual feedback about the fireworks.
      • Feedback on Town Hall – Received positive feedback about the Town Hall meeting.
      • Fishing in Ponds – This issue seems to have died down. It will be mentioned in the next newsletter that the ponds are treated with chemicals.
  6. Committee Reports
    • Common Area Plan – Edmundo Gonzalez reported:
      • Pool Furniture Update – He will check delivery of new furniture.
      • See Discussion Items for Other Topics
    • ACC – In John Dunsford absent, Dan Cavey reported the committee met to discuss 183 Coastal Oak Circle’s application for installation of an endless pool/spa. The ACC did not approve application, as the ACC did not find the plans to be of sufficient detail.
    • Communications
      • Newsletter after this meeting should be considered – Will be considered.
    • Rules and Regulations
      Amendments – Matt Finnis and Dan Cavey are proposing that we have our lawyer draft updates to our amendments for the topics/sections listed immediately below. We are asking for approval to engage our lawyer and to hold a proxy meeting for the vote. We could also piggyback on the next town hall to introduce these amendments prior to the proxy vote. The goal would be to conclude the proxy vote at the annual meeting. Amendment as follows:
      • Section 1 (a) – Residential Use Only-Update to include certain work from home scenarios
      • Section 6 – Signs-Update to include limited use of team/school sprit signs and flags
      • Section 8 – Windows-Update to expressly allow UV filtering and hurricane impact windows.
      • Section 16 – Animals-Update to allow pets off-leash on a lot, so long as they are in an enclosed area. Not sure whether anyone here has an “invisible fence”, but that could also be considered
      • Section 14 (a) – ACC-Update “absolute and exclusive right to disapprove…for any reason…” and add an appeal process for denials by the ACC to be reviewed by the Board.
      • Section 19 – Parking/RVs/Boats-Update to allow RVs and boats to be parked short-term for loading/unloading, cleaning, etc.
      • New amendment regarding minimum lease duration for home rentals.
  7. Public Forum
    The floor was opened for questions and comments from owners in the audience.
  8. Discussion Items
    • Tree removal in the two NE drainage easements. (Consider any action) – An owner requested removal of three trees on SWK property. Steven presented and reviewed tree removal proposals for discussion. Postponed.
    • Discuss community feedback and first steps around irrigation and sodding. (See Action Item) – 15 responses received. The majority of the responses were in favor of getting Seawalk Drive filled, irrigated and sodded. Still working on pricing. A spreadsheet of responses made will be created. Edmundo Gonzalez made a motion to move forward with the fill, irrigation and sodding component of the project on Seawalk Drive. Gloria Dongara seconded and motion carried by all.
    • Discussion on the cabana condition and any reports are back from inspectors – Inspections will take place tomorrow.
    • The next Town Hall – Topic – Are we ready? – What Dates? – August 22nd.
    • General schedule for getting a vote on amendments. Is a Town Hall needed? (See Action Item)
  9. Action Items
    • Approve Dan Cavey (with Matt Finnis) to meet with McCabe/Ronsman to get the legal wording for the amendments as presented in the committee report above. – Dan Cavey made a motion to approve Dan Cavey and Matt Finnis to meet with McCabe/Ronsman to get the legal wording for the amendments as presented in the committee report above, not to exceed $1,000. Edmundo Gonzalez seconded and motion carried by all.
    • Approve $3,745 for cabana roof repairs and other minor structural repairs to be done by American Roofing – Proposal was reviewed. Edmundo Gonzalez made a motion to approve American Roof to repair the cabana roof and other structural repairs for $3,745. Gloria Dongara seconded and motion carried by all.
    • Approve a new landscape maintenance vendor – Tabled.
    • Approve Edmundo Gonzalez to engage the vendors, as necessary, to complete the ground preparation, dirt backfill, irrigation and sodding of the common areas along Seawalk Drive – addressed above.
  10. Adjournment
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:51 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2019.