Monthly Board Reports




July 19, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.



  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The Board meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence via ZOOM of President Jesse Webb, Secretary Dan Cavey, Treasurer Chip Bifano, Director Karen Goff-Hill, and Director Amy Leburn. Absent: Vice President Lisa Bevill, and Director Howard Hochrad.

    Representing MAY Management is Brandy Rowe.
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from June 19, 2021
    Chip Bifano made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from 6/19/21 as written. Karen Goff- Hill seconded, and the motion carried by all.
  3. Financial Report
    Chip Bifano provided the Financial Report ending May 31, 2021.
  4. Manager’s Report
    Brandy Rowe provided the Manager’s Report.
  5. President’s Report
    Report provided.
  6. Committee Reports - Committee Members present verbal reports.
    • Common Area
      • Landscape Update
    • ACC
    • Communications
  7. Old Business – Updates were provided on the following items:
    • Parking & Towing Policy
    • Beach Access Project
    • Surveillance Equipment
    • Electronic Voting
    • Pond Condition
    • Connors Landscape Proposals
  8. New Business – The following items were discussed:
    • Pet Waste Stations
  9. Open Forum – NA
  10. Adjournment to Board Meeting
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:04 p.m.

Action items from today’s meeting

  • Monitor the electrical charges.
  • Amy reported on common area items.
  • Cleaning company doesn’t appear to be doing the entire job when they show up.
  • Remove any equipment not necessary for the pump room.
  • Karen to look into pricing of evoting.