Unapproved Minutes of a called meeting of the Seawalk HOA Board of Directors on January 20


Venue: A called meeting of the Seawalk HOA Board of Directors held on January 20 at the offices of May Management.


Purpose: The meeting had the called purpose of receiving the committee report on the Common Area Master Plan which was deferred at the January 8 board meeting.


Notice: The meeting was properly noticed on the Seawalk message board at the back gate.


Attendees: Edmundo Gonzalez, Chip Bifano, Dan Cavey, Josh Latina (by phone), John Dunsford.

Not in Attendance: Gloria Dongara, Howard Hochrad. (They were briefed individually by Edmundo Gonzalez at a later time.)




The meeting was called to order and a quorum was present.


Edmundo presented a list of 15-20 common area improvements that he had identified to be:

  • important parts of our reserve study plan that had never been executed by the previous board,
  • essential improvement items due to unforeseen aging issues, or
  • improvements that would add to the quality and esthetics of the impression of the community.


Edmundo then explained an extensive spreadsheet that showed the approximate cost of each item and a proposed timeline for the implementation of each one.


Discussion was held around the value of each item and the proposed order. Some adjustments were suggested for the timeline and proposed order of implementation. Edmundo agreed with those ideas and agreed to get Howard and Gloria’s opinion on the suggestions.


Edmundo then presented several options for the funding of the proposed items. Most of the in-year and 2020 items were already in the budget as part of the reserve study. The out-year items, particularly the disposition of the Cabana structure was not. Depending on the solution to the Cabana structure, the options included the HOA taking out a loan, voting for an assessment or both.


It was decided to do some more fine-tuning of the expenses and funding proposal, then present the ideas and the options to the homeowners in late February or early March. With that feedback, we could continue to work through the summer on the plan and potentially have options for the homeowners to vote on at or around the time of the annual meeting.


The meeting was adjourned.