Monthly Board Reports




January 18, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. – Via Zoom



  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The Board meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence via ZOOM of President Jesse Webb, Treasurer Chip Bifano, Secretary Dan Cavey, and Director Amy Leburn.

    Absent members were Karen Goff-Hill, Howard Hochrad, and Lisa Bevill.

     Representing MAY Management is Brandy Rowe.
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from December 7, 2020
    Chip Bifano made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from 12/7/20 as written. Amy Leburn seconded, and the motion carried by all.
  3. Manager’s Report
    Brandy Rowe reviewed the Manager’s Report:
    • Miscellaneous updates like light replacements, pest control, and hinge replacements are happening. Brandy will discuss other topics like the Beach Access later in the meeting.
    • Dan asked for an update on a gas tank being left in an owner’s yard. Amy explained that the gas company needs to handle it and are most likely backlogged with pickups.
  4. Financial Report
    Monthly Financial Update – Chip Bifano provided the Financial Report ending December 2020. The budget is looking strong going forward into the new year and for future potential projects.
  5. President’s Report
    No report.
  6. Committee Reports
    • Common Area Master Plan – Amy Leburn and Chip Bifano reported:
      • The plant sign has been put in.
      • The dying shrubs have been revived.
      • The tree on the Northside got trimmed.
      • Some palm fronds and tubing need to be cleaned and maintained. Amy suggested scheduling a meet-up to clean up this area. Jesses also suggested the fencing and walls around this area also should be pressure-washed and painted. A discussion was held on whether this project should be done through volunteers or a community project. The Board was more inclined to have this work done through professionals.
      • A homeowner that had planted shrubs along his yard line is bigger than expected and offered to give them to the HOA for free if the HOA removes them. A discussion was held on whether to take this offer or not. It was agreed to examine this suggestion further.
      • Amy has received a quote to replace the board signs at the front for $1,250. However, she was not a fan of the board style and will look for more possible designs or repairing the current one.
      • Major stucco work needs to be done around the cabana. Chip had contractors reframe some dips and gaps to create a smoother look.
      • Chip would like to schedule the stucco and pool work as soon as possible.
      • The pool deck needs to be sprayed and cleaned up.
      • Chip’s goal is to have the cabana done by the end of March.
    • ACC Liaison
      ​No report.
    • Communications- Dan Cavey reported:
      • Dan is in the process of starting the newsletter. A discussion was held on what to part in the newsletter. Dan will have the newsletter put together in a week.
      • Someone put a padlock around the pool gate. Brandy will investigate who put this there, and why.
    • Rules & Regulations
      No report.
  7. Old Business
    • Surveillance Equipment- Brandy received a quote for a new security system. Jesses quested to speak with the vendor to ask some questions, and then the Board will hold a motion to approve this quote in the next meeting.
    • Beach Access- Brandy has looked at several alternatives besides limestone to compare for a more frugal and viable option. A discussion was held that went over options and fixing the gate.
    • Message Board- Location/Rebuild- Jesse will look and see if the extra plexiglass he has will replace to broken glass for the board.
    • Community Clean-Up Day and Pump Room Clean Up- For the new shelves being put in, it was recommended to have PVC or wood shelving. This area needs to be organized and cleaned.
  8. New Business
  9. Open Forum
  10. Adjournment to Board Meeting
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 6:56 p.m.