December 17 2019 at 6:30 p.m.




  1. Call to Order/Establish a Quorum
    The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. and a quorum was established with the presence of:: Dan Cavey, President, Chip Bifano, Lisa Bevill, Gloria Dongara, Edmundo Gonzalez (via phone from 6:49-7:10 p.m.) and Howard Hochrad. Representing MAY Management Services: Brandy Rowe
  2. Approval of Meeting Minutes from November 18, 2019 and November 25, 2019 Special Meeting
    Gloria Dongara made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from November 18, 2019 and November 25, 2019 as written. Chip Bifano seconded and motion carried by all.
  3. Manager’s Report: Updates
    Brandy Rowe reported:
    • Update: Pool Pump Repairs — Current pump was replaced prior to 2007. Additional services over the last couple of years were listed. Pump repairs itemized were completed on 12/11/2019.
    • Update: Landscaper Bids — The Board approved Connors Landscaping at the last board meeting. He will be providing annuals year round at the front as an additional complimentary item to the contract. A breakdown of all proposals was provided for Board review.
  4. Financial Report
    • Monthly Financial Update — Chip Bifano provided the Financial Report.
    • Approval of the 2020 Budget — Chip Bifano made a motion to approve the 2020 Budget.
      Gloria Dongara seconded and motion carried unanimously.
  5. President’s Report
    Dan Cavey reported:
    • The back gate; Seawalk Drive school bus drop off issue; New Year's Eve Fireworks;
      • Back gate had missing codes and clickers not working. Primary issue was the magnetic lock compositor causing power supply issues. This issue has since been resolved.
      • Received complaints of people parking too close to the stop sign at the top of Seawalk Drive waiting for the bus stop drop off. There was concern it could be a safety issue. It will be mentioned in the next newsletter just as an item to be aware of. Excessive parking on the street issues was discussed as well.
      • Holiday fireworks: anticipate everyone to be respectful of their neighbors..
  6. Committee Reports
    • Common Area Master Plan — Edmundo Gonzalez
      • Entry Monument — Update was provided on structural issues found. Working to get as much information as possible to the vendor so they can provide a repair plan to implement as soon as possible. The Board will send out the proposed monument color schemes in the newsletter to get community input..
      • Cabana/Pool Area — Update was provided on proposals for these projects. Three bids received for the roof, utilizing three different materials: shingle, tile and metal. The Board is waiting on a proposal from a pool contractor for marcite and water level tiles, and a proposal for pavers in lieu of concrete.
    • ACC — Howard Hochrad
      • Unit 187 submitted an application for painting. Painting was completed prior to receiving approval from the ACC.
    • Communications — Dan Cavey
      • Next Newsletter — Dan Cavey will draft the next newsletter and present to the Board for approval..
  7. Public Forum
    • Discussion concerning parking of cars on the street overnight and during the day.
    • Road at the newly installed back gate is messy and needs to be cleaned.
  8. Discussion Items:
    • Community Social Event Ideas — Asked members to come ujp with ideas for events.
    • Update — Bids for Management Company Contract — Received one bid, and awaiting another. Dan Cavey asked Board members to look into any other management companies they may want to request a bid from. Looking for a contract to include technology services, as an add-on option..
  9. Action Items:
    • Approve to convene a proxy vote on first round of amendments – Chip Bifano made a motion to convene meeting proxy vote for eight amendments. Meeting date February 17, 2020 at 6 p.m. Howard Hochrad seconded and motion carried unanimously. Discussion continued regarding the proposed amendments and ideas to get community participation in voting..
    • Resignation of Board Member — Dan Cavey made a motion to accept John Dunsford's resignation. Chip Bifano seconded and motion carried unanimously.
      Board members discussed recommendations for a new Board member to fill the vacant seat. Chip Bifano made a motion to appoint Dennis Faullkner to replace John Dunsford and fill the Board seat. Gloria Dongara seconded and motion carried by majority with four in favor and one opposed.
      Lisa Bevill recommended Karen Goff-Hill to fill the vacant seat.
  10. Adjournment
    With no further business to discuss, the meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:33 p.m.
    Next BOD Meeting will be held January 20, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.