Seawalk HOA Homeowners,


The board met on Wednesday, Nov. 14 at 6:30 p.m. We would like to update you on the activities of the board at that meeting.  The official minutes will be posted on the website after they are approved in the next meeting.


Discussion Items and Operational Items of Interest:

  • A claim has been filed for the damage to the cabana roof.  We believe we will get a significant amount of dollars towards the replacement.  The company chosen to replace the roof has agreed to hold the bid price for a reasonable amount of time.  It was agreed to delay any work on the roof until the Common Area Master Plan was complete.  (Referenced in an item later in this update.)

  • A credit is expected from JEA for some of the sewer charges that were incurred by the significant loss of water due to the leak in the pool pump piping.

  • The board members agreed to have the ACC Liaison (John Dunsford) inform the ACC members that they are not to directly approach any homeowner about any possible violation at any time, or approach them directly because they may have failed to submit a form.  Any such suspected violation or process failure should be directed to May Management, just as can be done by any homeowner.  May Management will then assess the situation and handle it like any other suspected violation.  The ACC is to perform its sole function of evaluating applications it receives against the current ACC Guidelines and do so during properly noticed and documented meetings.

  • As a later follow-up on related ACC issues, the board would like to remind everyone that the removal of trees from your property must be approved by the ACC.

  • The board members agreed to meet on a regular basis at 6:30 on the second Monday of each month at the offices of May Management.

  • May Management is going to get quotes for a magnetic lock system for the gate.  This will prevent it from being pushed or forced open.  People forcing the gate open to walk through has been determined to be the cause of some of the gate maintenance issues.

  • May Management is going to get quotes for internet enabling the security camera system.  Currently a technician has to hook up a laptop on site directly to the system.

  • It was agreed to send a talent survey out, by e-mail, to the community requesting volunteers with particular professional experience and talents, as well as a call for other volunteer opportunities.  This will be sent out by the 19th of November.

  • It was agreed that we would communicate primarily by e-mail for those in the community that have active, valid e-mails.  The exception would be official notification for which hard copy mail is required by state statue.

  • To facilitate the two previous items, it was agreed that the current Gmail contact list would be scrubbed and validated with information from prior work done on this effort.  (Update: as of this notice we have 79 of 80 homeowners with valid e-mail.)

  • All new board members will be attending required board member training on November 30th.

  • May Management will be validating the actions that have been taken to date on the zip line wires strung in the front yard of 123 Coastal Oak Circle and will bring to the board the next steps that can be followed to remediate their removal.

  • May Management will be replacing the outlets on the island at the entrance to Seawalk Drive.  Among other uses, it will facilitate our holiday decorations.

  • May Management will get a bid for pressure washing the curbing on Seawalk Drive, Coastal Oak Circle and Ocean Pond Court.  There is interest in community volunteers doing this work by volunteers for Coastal Oak Circle and Ocean Pond Court for those areas the can be covered by homes willing to volunteer their water supply.

Existing Committees:

  • Josh Latina will continue to lead the Holiday Decorations Committee

  • John Dunsford will be the Liaison to the ACC

  • Edmundo Gonzalez will lead the Landscape Committee

The board moved to establish the following committees with the stated purposes and board member leaders.

  • The Nominating Committee as required by our covenants will be led by Chip Bifano

  • A Communications Committee to handle the website, the notice board at the back gate and a monthly newsletter will be led by Gloria Dongara

  • The Rules and Regulations Committee to codify the rules and propose amendments to the covenants and bylaws and updates to the ACC guidelines will be led by Dan Cavey

  • The Common Area Master Plan Committee will be led by Edmundo Gonzalez.  The committee will address the following: Seawalk Drive ownership, structure and beautification; Cabana and Pool Complex strategy and improvements including the adjacent common area; Entry monument area improvements; Mailbox strategy; Gate area complex including the message board; the north west common area drainage easement; the Ocean Pond Court Island; In general aging shrubbery in all common areas.  This will be a master plan with phased rollout.

  • A Hearing committee will be established to handle appeals to any fines that may or may not be imposed on homeowners in the future.  Five names were proposed and agreed to be good candidates, but it was decided to see if others in the community might also be interested in the event those five may not be interested.  Steven recommended that the committee size be three or five.  No board member or board member spouse or close relative can be on this committee.

The following motions were made, seconded and passed:

  • To increase the mower height and to terminate weed control on the causeway grass areas to help with erosion and coverage.

  • To end the covenant rewrite effort in lieu of proposing amendments to address certain issue that surfaced with wide agreement during the rewrite process.  Get a final bill from Gunster and terminate the retainer agreement with that law firm.

  • To create a special financial report, which will include the budget and current financial position. This is to be distributed to all homeowners in lieu of a report not being presented at the annual meeting.

  • To suspend any work on the Cabana roof except for painting the blue patches to closely match the existing tile, until the Common Area Master Plan is completed by the Common Area Master Plan Committee and accepted by the board under consultation by the homeowners.

This was a full agenda and many more items will be addressed in the December meeting. It was decided that if we needed to meet more frequently, we would do so with proper notice to the community.