Seawalk HOA Homeowners,


The board met on Monday, Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m. The following is a summary of the activities of the board at that meeting. The official minutes will be posted after they are approved at the next meeting.


Manager’s Report

  • The final bill was received from the legal firm, Gunster. It is approximately $3,000. See the treasurer’s report for additional detail.
  • JEA credits for the large bills that occurred when the pool pump pipe cracked is pending review by the county. This is a standard step in the process.
  • Comcast will be out in the next couple of weeks to quote the price for extending service to the cameras. This will allow them to be internet enabled and save us time and money versus the current on-site analysis requirement.
  • The board voted to install a magnetic lock on the gate. This will prevent it from being able to be pushed open. The cost is $512.14 installed.
  • May Management will be getting a quote for pressure washing our curbs. The board will then decide whether to do it as a community volunteer effort.
  • The insurance claim on the cabana roof came in at only $1,500 as the insurance company felt that the tiles could just be replaced. This is not acceptable and is not even doable since the tiles are no longer manufactured. The insurance company suggested we get tiles from a salvage company. We will continue to pursue this issue using an independent adjuster.
  • Connors continues to mow the causeway too close, but has explained that they think that is best and thus ignored our request. There will be more conversation.
  • May Management presented a list of nine violation letters that were sent in November. Eight were related to landscaping. There was no discussion.
  • May Management was informed that the cover on the swing arm for the north swing gate was off.


Financial Report

Chip Bifano reported on the details of how payment approvals were completed. He emphasized that the process requires specific review and approval for each item by the designated board member. He believes he has the information to create a report to the members as has been promised. He noted to the board that we have already spent $2,000 over the entire year’s budget on Legal & Professional fees in the first four months and there is still an outstanding bill of over $3,000 to pay Gunster. In addition, we have already over spent the entire year's budget on Office Supplies/Postage/Copies. He will be recommending adjustments to our allocation into the reserve fund going forward this year. 


President's Report

Dan Cavey shared that the talent survey only had two responses but that we are happy to get those. He shared that the board member training session was an excellent event and well worth the time. He has given the website builder access to Gloria Dongara and Eileen Pfaff to begin work on keeping the site up to date. There was a resignation from the ACC. The board accepted the resignation of Carry Cooper. It was agreed to send an e-mail to the community asking for volunteers and giving them until December 21 to reply. The two remaining members will then choose a replacement that will serve until the next election.


Committee Reports

  • Common Area Master Plan: Edmundo Gonzalez gave a thorough summary of the current situation that included some possible solutions. Please see the report below.
  • ACC: John Dunsford communicated that he has relayed process clarifications from the BOD to the ACC. John reported a resignation from the ACC. The BOD will send a solicitation for volunteers to fill the ACC vacancy. The ACC is currently reviewing two applications with no concerns to report.
  • Communications: Gloria Dongara presented her ideas for a monthly newsletter. She proposed that it be a hardcopy mailer to start with and then have individuals consider opting for e-mail version going forward. She presented her ideas of content and format which were all well received.
  • Rules and Regulations: Dan Cavey presented the summary of his work in compiling 23 years of passed motions that will be the basis for a rules listing. He shared the TPC HOA Homeowners Guide with the board and suggested that he draft a similar document for Seawalk. The idea was well received. He also indicated that he believed we are correct in moving the Seawalk fiscal year to a calendar year to be compliant with our Covenants. This was apparently a misreading of the covenants 23 years ago that was perpetuated. See the motion made later in the meeting.


Open Forum:


There was a homeowner in attendance at the meeting but they did not opt to participate in the open forum time.


Discussion Items:


  • It was agreed that the ACC Liaison, John Dunsford, would continue to give the updates on the actions of the ACC.
  • It was agreed to delay any discussion about enforcing overnight parking at the cabana parking lot to be for homeowners only until warmer weather.
  • After some discussion around changing the gate clicker codes, it was decided to first have MM do an audit on the number of clickers assigned to each house.
  • It was unanimously agreed by the board that the mention of a particular house number in a general communication (like this one) was not appropriate. This was done in the last update under an attempt to be completely transparent, but we agreed that was not appropriately sensitive to our neighbors. The official minutes of the board will continue to mention house numbers when they are officially discussed, as has been the practice through the years.


Action Items:


Motion: Change our fiscal year to the calendar year as specified in Article XIV of our Bylaws. Have attorney Mike McCabe review and validate that this is OK and suggest an appropriate process. Request not to exceed $500. Note: Chip Bifano will then validate and outline the approach with our accountant and CPA. The motion passed unanimously.


Motion: Remove the Neighborhood Watch signs. Note: At the board training session, Mike McCabe suggested that having signs (or communications) that indicate any type of responsibility towards physical safety of the homeowners was a very bad practice and could lead to liability issues. When asked very specifically about our situation, his recommendation was to remove the signs. We were in an even greater risk situation because they were on Seawalk style signage and because we were not participating in a Neighborhood Watch program. The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.


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